May 20, 2012

Interesting and Exciting Shoes

Spot this pair! I saw this when I was in Universal Studios in Singapore. The sneakers are worn by a lot of middle aged women. I'm guessing they're in one tour/bus because most of them are wearing the same tops. I'll give them a benefit of the doubt though, that the shoes are very comfortable. The actual only reason I can think of for someone to wear them. How about you, can you rock them if ever they come with a men's design? As the words say on the shoe, it's Interesting & Exciting.

P.S. I also really dislike the other shoes/sandals on top, the my-toes-are-special shoes.


  1. Who cares? If they wanna rock them, why criticize them?

    1. I'm just giving my opinion about the pair, not to the wearers. If I did, I would've taken photos of them instead.

    2. c'mon dude, is that your feet over there? that you over reacting.
      His the owner of the blog, he can do what ever he wants.