March 26, 2012

Sticker Design Contest Entries

I just posted all the entries in my Facebook page, besides the two that I will choose as winners, one will win via the highest likes. You can vote now until April 3, 2012. Below are the top five entries that I particularly like, how about you, what are you favorites?


  1. Is that already your top 5 choices for your 2 winners?

  2. I like the last one. Simplistic design.

  3. Hi. Just a quick question. Wouldn't posting these as your chosen top 5 designs affect the voting from the public? I'm just wondering if the point of the contest is asking people to vote for which design they liked or if it's based on your personal choice. Thanks. :)

    1. It won't, because I will have three winners, two will come from my personal choice and one from votes/likes. That's why I also announced my top choices already, so the others would have a chance of winning in terms of votes.