March 19, 2012

290. New Balance 997 - CM997HWB "Grey/Navy"


  1. OMG! Chiiiieee! (^^,) V

    For d 2nd time feautred siya?!
    Wow ha.

    Like, what about team SOLECITY?

    Why you so in love with group deville boys?
    Are they pretty?

    1. Why, do you find team solecity pretty?

      And please don't get me wrong, I feature anyone, it just happens that I get to feature them more often than other people.

  2. sige na lagay mo na feature mo na yun team solecity.

  3. pag na punta dito yung solecity magkaka traffic ulit site mo bro :)

  4. talaga? solecity? i BEG to disagree.

    una, sobrang rape ng mga presyo.
    pangalwa, yung mga orig nilang gamit? ang pangit. PUTA. hindi ko talaga maintindihan bakit ang daming naloloko. sipsip lang ata. pucha, nagphotoshop pa ng picture eh parang ginawa lang naman sa MS paint. labo talaga.

    oo, i'm hating. di ko kasi talaga maintindihan kung bakit ang tanga ng mga tumatangkilik sa sole city.

  5. I just Love this BLOGsite so much.!
    I'm always on J's how come no one ever bumped on me and took a photo.. I'd love to pose up for this..haha
    Where are your hunt-downs anyway? haha

  6. what a moron, cant detect sarcasm i and u really ARE MAD at sc! wow. these are just some things u gotta live with.people that still rock his ugly designs,and he still laughs on his way to the bank. i dont like his gear personally,but hey,hes making money and just cause you dont/cant have the dough to start any sort of hustle,then just shut your mouth and just dont support! simple as sense in raging anonymously either you pussy

  7. mga pulubi siguro kayo hahaha puro hate sa anonymous account kumprontahen nyo lol

  8. Alam ba ninyo yun payatot na kalbo na kamukha ni boy abunda na betch ni Roberto Francisco? Kawawa yun may asawa na yun kaya walag pang bili ng he sucks kim Francisco's for realz....I literally saw him sucking solecity's dick.

  9. TEAM GROUPE DEVILLLE = GAYNESS!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Charot!

  10. wahaha chupaero pala yun

  11. Stop blogging, you suck.