December 7, 2011

Events: Keds Exhibit

Keds Philippines launched themselves into new heights. As a pioneer in the sneaker game, though more of a staple than a designer shoe, this brand is still a great addition to your sneaker collection. A dash of simplicity amongst the rare and the flashy is always good. 

The exhibit was at Secret Fresh's gallery at the Ronac Art Center from 5-10pm of December 5, 2011. Filled with novelties, Keds sneakers, photos and memorabilia, the venue was vibrant and full of heritage, and the photo above as proof. Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn, The Ramones, John F. Kennedy, and other personalities wore the esteemed sneakers.

This is the heritage collection (not really sure if that's what they call them, I probably just made that up), shipped directly from Keds HQ from the U.S. These sneakers are one of a kind. Preserved impressively, you wouldn't think they are vintage, some were even from the year 1950.

Below photos are customized Keds by various artists.

Caprice Patawaran - She, with a Keds' brand ambassador, painted a pair while in the event.
Julius Sebastian -
Valerie Chua -
Danika Rio Navarro -


  1. As a kid, teenager, and young adult I wore (guys / Mens / boys) Keds Surfers, which came in CVO and slip-on (White and Navy Blue). The first versions (1960's) came out with the Keds logo inlaid into the gum sole and later (boo, but such is life) Keds moved the logo to the heel.

    ALSO the earlier versions didn't have any air eyelets on the inside side of the sneakers.

    1. I really wish / hope Keds will reissue the Keds Surfers (especially with the inlaid logo in the gum soles). They were so flat and really cool to look at and feel. They also did have great stopping power (like a NASCAR tire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).