April 11, 2011

49. Nike Dunk Low


  1. I think this is Quark Henares. Filipino director. Not sure though. Nice blog man.=]
    Hope I'll be featured sometime with my old kicks. Lol. For real tho, dopin' phresh.

  2. Ow, sorry, this is definitley Quark Henares. Lol
    Was my first time browsing your site bro.
    U actually are featuring celebrities as well.
    Thot it was just a coincidence u featured Quark Henares. Haha.

  3. Yeah that's Quark Henares! Hmm.. I actually feature anyone, and I'm just lucky to see some celebrities rocking some nice kicks. Thanks for visiting!! And yeah, when I see you hopefully I have my camera with me. haha!

  4. I actually initially planned to take pictures of people i know of and their kicks and just post them on an album on facebook. But yours is epic-er. country-hoppin in search of kicks =]
    hey man, add me on facebook. http://facebook.com/gnarlydork
    -Joseph (same guy with those 2 comments above)

  5. Yeah? Go do it! It's just for the love of sneakers and the culture. haha! About the facebook thing, sorry man, I don't add people I don't personally know. Hope you understand! Though we can exchange ideas on my FB page if you want, facebook.com/astronsneakerhunts